Welcome to Alys Beach

Alys Beach, purchased in the 1970s, is breathtaking with architecture reminiscent of Bermuda, Antigua Guatamala and a splash Moorish influence. The bright and white buildings and brilliant green community spaces all nestle nicely along the aquamarine shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. Enter paradise through the palm-lined gateway to chance upon this small but fiercely imaginative beach town. Home of the critically acclaimed annual event, Digital Graffiti, utopian and exclusive, Alys Beach is a world away from your average Florida getaway. Caliza Restaurant and the pool are popular destinations for parties, social events and wine festivals. Health enthusiasts will be excited to know that a new fitness facility, “Zuma” is open and the new Beach Club is under construction. If you’re craving a healthy treat after your activities, walk over to the locally owned Raw & Juicy to indulge. In the heart of the beautiful palm-lined neighborhood of Alys Beach, sits George’s, a fantastic slice of everything 30A, a passion for that specific brand of coastal casual, with a debonair of refinement….creative and dynamic is an essential element to this 30A Culture.

Neighborhood Keywords

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The Neighborhood

Pristine, coastal luxury with a touch of European inspiration, Alys Beach features mainly single-family, jaw dropping estates.

The Lifestyle

A utopian, coastal paradise. Many residences are a second or third home for homeowners to escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy metropolitan lives abroad.

The Market

The quiet New Urbanist community as compared to Seaside and Rosemary Beach.

Known for

Incredible, photo-worthy architecture. Caliza Restaurant for a romantic, poolside experience.

What Not to Expect

Kid-centric activities, corporate establishments, boating access, hustle and bustle.

You'll Fall in Love With

The sense of arrival with the incredible approach of pristine, lush green lawns and palm trees. When you arrive in Alys Beach, you are in a new, care-free, coastal world of perfection.

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