Scott Etter, PPG Agent

I learned early on that customer service is key, and is what separates Good from Great. Going the extra mile - to show a customer you fully understand their needs and that you are willing to help them through every step of the process - is the philosophy and mindset I have carried with me into my real estate career, and why I choose to work with The Premier Property Group, the Emerald Coast's #1 real estate company. Working with the latest technology and a talented network of experienced real estate agents, we are able to utilize our best attributes to assist one another and ensure that our customers receive the best and most complete service. Born and raised in a very small town in New Hampshire, I eventually moved to Pennsylvania with my family where I attended Penn State University and obtained a degree in Advertising and Marketing. After years of working in the private sector and in government, I started my own business in Estate Management Consulting. Based out of Baltimore, MD, our clientele consisted of celebrities, affluent business people and busy households interviewing and placing domestic staff for their homes, including butlers, nannies, estate managers, housekeepers, chauffeurs etc.…and trained them to our clients' specifications. Through this business I discovered the Emerald Coast in 1998 when I met a new client in Destin. At that time, I thought it was going to be just another job - but as it turned out, it led me to my new home. Like so many, I immediately fell in love with the area and its beautiful, white beaches, and eventually sold my share of the business and moved here with absolutely no regrets.

Office Location: 10343 E. County Hwy 30A, Suite 105, Seacrest Beach

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